Does your Car need Maintenance?
 What maintenance does my Vehicle need?
Every vehicle has a different maintenance schedule and we suggest you check your manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.  The saying, "You need an oil change every 3000 miles", may not apply to your vehicle.   Your first line of defense for a healthy car is our 29pt inspection which is performed with every visit.  Our Technicians will identify any needed maintenance and then our Service Writers will discuss your options.   

Here are some Routine Maintenance Services.
Oil Change  is suggested every 3000 to 10000 miles. Check your manual or watch your oil indicatior light.
Wiper Blades  should be changed anytime your window gets streaky.  Always replace with the same quality of wiper blade or upgrade. 
Tire Rotating, Tire Balancing and Checking Alignment keeps your tires wearing evenly and your vehicle driving smoothly.
Cabin and Engine Air Filters require regular checks.  Watch for musty odor in cabin, poor gas mileage, and hesitation while accelerating.
Belts and Hoses are essential to your Cooling, AC and Charging Systems.  Don't avoid these routine replacement items, because you may be left stranded when they break.
Changing Transmission and Coolant fluids is recommended to keep your Transmission and Cooling System healthy.

Keeping up with Vehicle Maintenance will prolong the life of your vehicle!