When should I buy New Tires?

When should I buy new Tires?

 There are several signs to look for when considering new tires.  
Bulges, gouges or cracks are signs of wear.  A bulge may be a sign of low tire pressure or a slow leak.  If you see cracks or gouges in your sidewalls it's time to bring your car in for a tire inspection.
Tread Wear is an easy way to determine if you need new tires.  Have you heard of the penny test?  Insert the head of  Lincoln down into the tread and if you see all of his head it's time to invest in new tires.  Don't wait until it's too late!
Tire Age, regardless of wear, should always be considered.  Vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your tires after 6 years, while most tire manufacturers recommend replacing them after 10 years.  Keep in mind that climate and exposure to the elements may decrease the life of your tires.
Vibrations or thumping when driving could mean your rear tires are out of balance.  Bring your car in to keep your tires wearing evenly.

What Tire Maintenance should I be doing?
Some basic maintenance will keep your tires healthy and your passengers safe.
Inspect Your Tires regulary.  Watch for road debris, bulges, and cracks.
Checking Tire Pressure is your most important thing you can do.  Tires lose 1-2 psi per month.  Properly inflated tires maximize the handling, stability and safety of your vehicle.   
Rotating Tires from back to front every 6000 miles is recommended and is FREE when you buy a New Set of Tires from Veldman's Automotive Service Center.  Failing to rotate regulary will cause your front tires to wear out faster and leave your rear tires to develop irregular wear patterns that cause vibrations.
Alignments will help your tires wear evenly and help keep other operating cost down.
What Tire Brands do you carry?​​